Artwork > 2015/16 Painting

Abstract contemporary expressionism oil painting, australian artist, landscape by melissa bougheyrt
2 weeks in the desert, 48 drawings: south coast to central australia (SOLD)
oil and beeswax on canvas
140 x 100

I’d been trying to get to the desert for 3 years - well, Alice Springs to be precise. I was so amazed by the diversity, the ranges, the geological time etched in strata. Fuck me there were even trees.
I drew as we walked, as I was driven, whenever we stopped, wherever we camped. I was rewriting my experience of landscape and I was so astounded by it’s beauty. I am rethinking what I know and my hand has become an extension, there is a body memory in the movement, in the etching of the hand, a scratching of a memory. I took a snippet of drawing and I let it loose on the canvas.